Taranaki's coastal environment in the spotlight

Taranaki's coastal environment in the spotlight

Greater recognition and protection of Taranaki’s legendary surf breaks, Māori sites of significance and areas of outstanding value are some of the changes proposed by Taranaki Regional Council (TRC).

There are seven key changes recommended in Taranaki’s Proposed Coastal Plan.

It is the "rule book" that governs the use, development and protection of Taranaki’s coastal environment.

They are: 

  • recognising the potential effects of activities on land and how they impact on water, in the coastal environment and vice-versa
  • giving the highest level of protection to more coastal areas of outstanding value, with seven new sites 
  • increasing recognition and protection of Māori values 
  • protecting Taranaki surf breaks – four nationally significant, 81 regionally significant and 59 locally significant and a Significant Surfing Area
  • increasing protection of indigenous biodiversity and sites of cultural or historical importance
  • tightening controls on building seawalls
  • stopping discharges of untreated human sewage and limiting new discharges

TRC Resource Management Director Fred McLay says Taranaki residents are passionate about their coast, which is largely unmodified and a great place that supports residents’ work and play.

“With this in mind, we’ve consulted extensively. We were very pleased to have received early input to the draft coastal plan, released in 2016, with feedback from 101 individuals and organisations.

“We’ve received valuable contributions and together with our community we’re taking Taranaki forward,” Mr McLay says.

The Proposed Coastal Plan is evidence-based, underpinned by technical reports and studies. These reports are available at https://www.trc.govt.nz/council/plans-and-reports/strategy-policy-and-plans/regional-coastal-plan/proposed-coastal-plan/

The Proposed Plan was presented to TRC’s Policy and Planning Committee today (Monday 29 January 2018). The public will have their say during a submissions phase from Saturday 24 February to 27 April 2018.

View more detailed information about the Proposed Plan here: https://www.trc.govt.nz/council/plans-and-reports/strategy-policy-and-plans/regional-coastal-plan/ >


- Taranaki Regional Council