Should we upgrade recreational facilities that are 25 years old? Like the pool or stadium? Or do another Flagship Project, asks Mayor

Mayor Neil Holdom is asking these questions as NPDC calls for feedback on its draft 10-Year Plan. 

Building iconic lifestyle facilities such as the Coastal Walkway and Pukekura Park took vision and foresight from previous elected officials, often amid controversy at the time, says Mayor Holdom.

“The TSB Stadium was built in 1992 and the Todd Energy Aquatic Centre opened its indoor pool in 1993, so both are about 25 years old now. Upgrading either facility is estimated to cost about $33 million each. Or there could be another Flagship Project the public thinks is important for our community,” says the Mayor.

Two of the five funding options up for discussion to pay for a possible Flagship Project would involve using an alternative source of income from recycling land at the Peringa Park Recreational Reserve, part of which includes land currently leased to the Fitzroy Golf Club. This would raise about $35 million, half of which would be used to fund a possible Flagship Project and the other half would be used in long-term land development to generate cash for future Projects which would be consulted on. Other funding options include using rates income, debt funding or using funds from the Perpetual Investment Fund. 

“Unfortunately there’s a bit of misunderstanding being circulated out there, so I encourage people to check out the Consultation Document on our website to find out what NPDC’s proposal actually entails. It’s not a done deal, we have an open mind and welcome public feedback on our ideas,” Mayor Holdom says.

The land proposed for sale is not next to the Coastal Walkway and is up on the hill next to existing houses. The land that would be left as a reserve would be large enough for a nine-hole golf course to operate and this proposed land accounts for about 1% of all green space in the District.
Consultation closes on 9 May. Fill in the three minute survey and have your say online at, or at one of NPDC’s upcoming roadshows.