Remove Your Headphones, Remove the Risk

Remove Your Headphones, Remove the Risk

Keep an eye out for safety volunteers at two pedestrian railway crossings in New Plymouth tomorrow (TUESDAY), as part of Rail Safety Week.

The goal of the promotional campaign is to encourage people to remove their headphones before crossing railway lines.

“We know from a death at the Weymouth Street crossing last year that music can be a fatal distraction, and as a Council we support KiwiRail’s national campaign to improve pedestrians’ safety,” says NPDC Infrastructure Manager David Langford.

“The Council has taken steps to improve safety at our pedestrian railway crossings – but we need pedestrians to also play their part to keep themselves safe.

“Trains can’t stop quickly so it’s up to pedestrians to take a moment to check whether a train is coming or not.”

The national campaign promotes: Remove Your Headphones, Remove the Risk.

To support the campaign locally, the Council is installing vinyl decals on the footpath entrances to pedestrian railway crossings along the Coastal Walkway. Volunteers, including Mayor Neil Holdom, will be at the Weymouth and Egmont streets’ crossings tomorrow to discuss the safety week with pedestrians.

Following last year’s fatality the Council removed vegetation to improve visibility along that section of the railway line, worked with KiwiRail to assess the safety of all pedestrian crossings at railway lines and built a formal pedestrian railway line crossing at the end of Calvert Road.