Keep an Eye Out for Rubbish Bag Delivery

Keep an Eye Out for Rubbish Bag Delivery

The next year-lot of rubbish bags are about to be delivered to New Plymouth District residents who receive a kerbside rubbish and recycling collection service.

The packs of 52 red rubbish bags will be delivered to letterboxes between 4 and 22 September.

“The next 12-month period for the kerbside collection service starts at the beginning of October so these bags will arrive in time for everyone,” says Infrastructure Manager David Langford.

“It will take time to deliver the tens of thousands of bags to each property so please be patient.”

Rubbish bag delivery 2017

  • All residential properties that are charged for a kerbside rubbish service will receive their bags by Friday 22 September.
  • There will be 52 bags delivered to each property – one for each week for the 12 months from the start of October.
  • Delivery trucks will follow a route mapped to be the most efficient. On some streets, the truck might deliver to properties on one side but not deliver to the other side until later.
  • If the rubbish bags will not fit into your letterbox and there is no safe place to leave them, a non-delivery card with a unique ID number will be left. Please bring this with you to the Civic Centre, or a library and service centre in Waitara, Inglewood or Bell Block, to receive your rubbish bags.
  • If your neighbours have received their rubbish bags but you have not, please wait until Monday 25 September to phone or email the Council – 06-759 6060, – as your property’s delivery might be scheduled for another day.
  • If you do not have a letterbox, please come into the Civic Centre or a library and service centre from Monday 25 September with proof of address to collect your bags.
  • Taking rubbish bags from another person’s letterbox is theft. Please report any incidents to the police where you have evidence (e.g. a car registration plate) that would enable the police to follow up.
  • Any missing bags should also be reported to the Council by the end of November. Up to that date, the Council will replace the bags if you have proof of address.