Flood Damage in Popular Parks and Walkways

Flood Damage in Popular Parks and Walkways

Floodwaters during yesterday’s (MONDAY) deluge have caused slips on New Plymouth’s two main riverside walkways and scoured out walking paths in parks and reserves.

The Huatoki Walkway has been closed by a large slip, with diversions in place on Glenpark Avenue and Frankley Road (at the Maratahu Street intersection).

Smaller slips on the Huatoki and Te Henui walkways are being cleared by hand but the Council will need a fine period to dry out the soil before machinery can be brought in to clear the large Huatoki Walkway slip.

“The soil is too unstable for us to get heavy gear onto the walkway so we’ll need some dry weather before we can remove the slip,” says NPDC Manager Parks and Open Spaces Stuart Robertson.

“We’ve also had the streams flood onto the tracks and scour out the surfaces. It’ll take some time to fix them so walkway users should take care as the paths are very rough.”

Pukekura Park had small slips on Brooklands Park Drive and on some walking tracks. While all tracks are open, the paths were scoured out and some barriers made unstable when the lakes flooded, and the public is asked to take care.

Mr Robertson says the staff and contractors are inspecting parks and reserves throughout the district and he expects more issues to be reported. “However it appears that the worst of the damage was in New Plymouth and part of Oakura,” he says.